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How Do I Get My Husband to Share in Household Chores?

How Do I Get My Husband to Share in Household Chores? ( Video Link)

The Challenges of Step-Parenting

After a few years of dating, Ben and Amanda have decided to combine their families—Ben’s son, Mark, and his daughter Kim; and Amanda’s one son, Mike. Because they both are divorced and are doing alternating weekends with their exes, they have one weekend free for themselves, but the next is a three-kid circus. And it’s been hard: arguments among the kids, accommodating their different ages and interests, trying to work together as a couple but not doing a good job of it.

Typical Adolescent Development vs. a Mental Disorder

Studies show that adolescence is often when symptoms of mental health illnesses first appear. One-half of such illnesses begin by the age of 14, while three-quarters appear by age 24.

Derived from the Latin word adolescere, which means “to grow up,” adolescence marks the transition into adulthood when youths experience growth, learning, and exploration. The attitudes and skills they develop can help them thrive throughout life. While most adolescents go through this stage without incident, some need additional support to foster optimal overall health. When these changes are turbulent, it can be difficult for families to tell the difference between normal growth and signs of mental illness.


Remembering the reasons we chose our spouse and focusing on the joy we can experience with them are good ways to start recovering from stressful seasons of life.

Is It Worth Going to Therapy If Your Problem Isn’t Fixable?

“A counselor can’t fix this, so what’s the point of therapy?” Not all of your problems are fixable, that’s just a fact. When you’re struggling with a relatively small problem, like you spilled coffee on your laptop, you resign yourself to buying a new one and you move on with your life. It’s a significant expense and a hassle, but you handle it. Unfortunately though, it’s not always that simple. Some relatively common and seemingly unfixable problems are much more painful and impactful. Like, when your partner is unfaithful, chronically depressed, or they’ve lost all interest in sex. In these situations, it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless. With no solution evident, it may be tempting to withdraw inwards and just soldier on. This is a lonely and depressing choice, and frankly, one likely to bring you even more pain as you shoulder the burden alone.

Stepfamily Dynamics: When You’re Not Blending

Abe was frustrated and worried his family was falling apart. He described his situation of his stepfamily dynamics this way:

“I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been married two times and have one son from each marriage. My current wife is growing increasingly hostile toward my oldest. Just yesterday, she complained that I am spending too much time with him and not enough with our son.

“She’s bitter, jealous, and possessive—she even wants him written out of my will—and I’m caught in the middle. Now the boys are not getting along. No matter what I do, somebody loses and somebody is mad at me.

It doesn’t help that my first son’s mom is constantly competing with my wife. Once again, I’m stuck in the middle.”

3 Powerful Strategies to Lower Anxiety in Any Child or Teen

We all know that children commonly get anxious at times, especially in our world being turned upside-down in this pandemic. Anxiety for kids can occur when facing school demands, managing social pressures, dealing with family members, or struggling with self-esteem. When children are too emotionally distressed to focus, listen, and meaningfully interact, however, this level of anxiety can severely impact their lives, now and as teens and adults.

If you want to try it

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The Art of Being in a Loving Adult Relationship - Six Essential Skills

Many people experience difficulty in adult romantic relationships, even when they do very well in work or friendship relationships. In a romantic relationship, you can find yourself feeling emotional extremes that simply do not exist in any other area of your life.

You may experience extreme emotions, such as: