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The One Thing You Need for Great Conversations With Kids

"I'm so exhausted, so drained," many parents have told me recently—especially those with kids under 5, or those working or caring for aging parents. "How can I raise my kids well, and help them thrive, when I'm far from thriving myself? How can I have great conversations with them, when there's so much whining, anxiety, boredom, and stress?"

3 Questions Partners Should Ask Each Other

1. Can you tell from my behavior that you’re important to me?

When relationships run on autopilot, everyone feels taken for granted, if not invisible or unheard. That’s mostly because the brain stops consciously processing familiarity. It tunes out familiar sounds, in a kind of white noise effect. (“You never listen to me!”) We notice change, and the change we’re most likely to notice is negative. We’re more likely to focus on—and recall—partners leaving crumbs on the counter than the fact that they add meaning and purpose to our lives.

Understanding the Signs of Depression in Men

Depression is a mental illness that affects a person’s mood and how they feel, think, and go about daily activities.1

Both men and women experience depression, but the symptoms may differ, as well as recognition and the desire to seek help. However, it is important to ask for help if there is a concern for depression, as it is a serious condition.

Read more in this article about depression in men, including symptoms, triggers, and coping.

Why Social Anxiety and Depression Often Appear Together

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) and major depressive disorder (MDD) are often co-present, up to 20 percent of the time, higher in some groups. Social anxiety starts earlier in life, affecting nearly 5 percent of people, foreshadowing future depression with a five-fold risk of depression for those with prior social anxiety (Ohayon & Shatzberg, 2010). Combined, they are more difficult to treat as the symptoms of each synergize with the other.

A Surefire Way to Repair a Damaged Relationship

People in relationships invariably behave in ways that can hurt each other, whether intentionally or not. When the damage is unintentional, the chances are that people are motivated to patch things up but often may not know how to do so.

How to Calm Down: Ways to Relax Your Body and Mind

It can be difficult to calm your body and mind when you're angry, anxious, or stressed. Yet, there are many techniques you can try to help you calm yourself. From deep breathing to muscle relaxation, there are many tools you can utilize to help yourself calm down, both mentally and physically.

What You Can Do to Help Yourself Get More Effective Support

We all need support sometimes. Whether it is a shoulder to cry on when we are feeling sad or advice about how to handle a sticky issue at work. Unfortunately, receiving support from others is not as simple as it should be. Decades of research have shown that perceiving you have people in your life who can provide you with social support is crucial. People who believe they have people they can count on tend to be healthier, sleep better, and even live longer.

How a Partner's Past Trauma Can Disrupt a Relationship

Many people have suffered emotional or physical trauma. Even when they have worked hard to heal, they will always be vulnerable to being triggered by an event that unearths those painful moments.